Panel Receives Manson Letter

From the Los Angeles Times, September 6, 1975:

Panel Receives Manson Letter

SACRAMENTO (UPI)—Members of the Assembly Criminal Justice Committee recieved a rambling letter signed by cult leader Charles Manson 24 hours before one of his followers tried to kill President Ford.

The typed, three-page letter was dated Aug. 23 and carried a Tamil, Calif., return address. Tamil is the site of San Quentin Prison where Manson is serving a murder sentence.


The letter, addressed to “Criminal Justice Committee”, contained no direct threat against Mr. Ford.

Manson’s name contained no handwritten signature but was typed “C. Manson.”

“I’ve told you people over and over—I can release thoughts that will destroy you,” the letter said.

“The working people, I can understand,” it continued. “But you lawyers, drunk with the blood of dummies like me, are in trouble. You best be thinking on how to save your lives because the other justice is gonna catch up with you.

Roger McBride

Author: Roger McBride

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