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Writings by Lynette Fromme
Open letter regarding Manson’s incarceration
—Four letters, postmarked 1970-1971:
Letter I
Letter II
Letter III
Letter IV
Letter, Aug. 1975
Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, Oct. 1975
—Written during Lynette Fromme’s trial:
“In order of due process”, circa 4 November, 1975
“Statement for the Record”
“NOV. 10”; general statement regarding motive
Proposed introduction to Lynette Fromme’s unpublished book (1977)
Excerpts from the same manuscript (1977)
Letter, January 1983
Letter, 2/12 (no year)
Letter, April 1987
Letter, on birthdays, no date
Letter to Judge MacBride regarding Jess Bravin’s
book, Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme
Statement regarding Manson and the Family
Parable by Lynette Fromme
Handwritten gallery

Embroidery by Lynette Fromme
Embroidery I: “The History of California”
Embroidery II: Manson’s vest, various small pieces, Armageddon Jacket
Mind Over Madness: Vest and commentary by Lynette Alice Fromme

Gallery I: Twenty-two photos, most of Red
Gallery II: Twenty-two more photos of Red
Media Photos: Fourteen photos scanned from newsprint
Barker Ranch: Twenty-one photos (one old, twenty new) of Barker Ranch
1725 P Street: New photo of the Sacramento house
Prisons: Photos of FPC Alderson and FMC Carswell

Media Watch—News Stories
—Seventy-eight archived news reports dealing with Lynette Fromme

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BOP Inmate Factsheet for Lynette Alice Fromme, no. 06075-180
Interview with Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme, and Sandra Good
Interview with Lynette Fromme regarding 5 September, 1975
Public Opinion Poll, October 1975
Attempt to subpoena the President of the United States,
from U.S. v. Fromme
PDF of the above ruling
Current address and mailing information for Lynette Fromme
Astrological chart for Lynette Fromme
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Media Watch

Expanded version—Provides a brief summary of each article.


Manson Girl Tries to Shoot President:
The LA Times, September 5, 1975

‘Squeaky’ Picked a Spot—and Then Just Waited:
The LA Times, September 6, 1975

Fromme Vilified Ford, Friends Say:
The LA Times, September 6, 1975

“Squeaky” Has History of Trouble with Law:
The LA Times, September 6, 1975

Manson “Family”—It’s Scattered and in Prison:
The LA Times, September 6, 1975

Panel Receives Manson Letter:
The LA Times, September 6, 1975

‘Your Life on the Line’—Reporter Recounts Fromme’s Threat:
The Chicago Tribune, September 6, 1975

No Manson Edict, Disciple Says:
The LA Times, September 7, 1975

Fromme First Woman to Try to Kill a President:
The Washington Post, September 7, 1975

Had No Time to React in Gun Incident, Ford Says:
The LA Times, September 8, 1975

FBI Gets No Specific Answers From Manson:
The LA Times, September 8, 1975

‘Treat You Like a Child’:
The New York Times, September 8, 1975

Fromme’s “Sugar Daddy”:
The LA Times, September 9, 1975

Fromme Called, Talked of Violence, L.A. Judge Says:
The LA Times, September 10, 1975

Grand Jury Indicts Fromme:
The LA Times, September 11, 1975

The Girl Who Almost Killed Ford:
Time, September 15, 1975

Ford’s Brush With Death:
Newsweek, September 15, 1975

Squeaky Gets Offer to Publish Her Book:
The Chicago Tribune, September 20, 1975

Leaves From a Family Album:
Newsweek, September 22, 1975

The Significance of Squeaky Fromme:
The Wall Street Journal, September 24, 1975

Letters to the Editor:
Time, October 6, 1975

Manson Film Barred Due to Miss Fromme’s Trial:
The New York Times, October 17, 1975

My Trip With Squeaky: Just One of Charlie’s Girls:
by Paul Krassner; from Rolling Stone, October 23, 1975

Squeaky’s ‘I Hate Ford’ Remark Told at Her Trial:
The Chicago Tribune, November 12, 1975

‘Without Manson, I’m Dead,’ Squeaky Cries:
The Chicago Tribune, November 12, 1975

Fromme Judge Told Weird Plot:
The Chicago Tribune, November 13, 1975

TRIALS: Squeaky and Jerry:
Newsweek, November 24, 1975

TRIALS: Judgment on Squeaky:
Newsweek, December 8, 1975

Fromme Friends Seek to be Freed:
The New York Times, December 24, 1975



Good Declares Prison Wish:
The Dallas Morning News, March 3, 1976

Lynette Fromme Carried Screaming From Court:
The Wall Street Journal, March 15, 1976

2 Manson Followers Convicted of Plot:
The New York Times, March 17, 1976

Member of Manson Family Escapes From Coast Prison:
The New York Times, August 16, 1976

Squeaky and Sara Jane:
Newsweek, November 8, 1976

Wire Report:
The Associated Press, November 17, 1978

One Man’s Family:
Newsweek, January 23, 1978

Wire Report:
The Associated Press, March 13, 1979

Fromme Faces New Charges:
The Washington Post, March 14, 1979



Manson Family Member to be Freed Over Her Protests:
LA Times, March 1, 1985

Manson Family Women Find New Kin in Prison:
The Record (New Jersey), March 18, 1985

Sandra Good Won’t Quit Jail for N.J. Facility:
The Philadelphia Daily News, March 29, 1985

Manson Follower Rejects Parole Terms:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, March 30, 1985

“Squeaky” Still Says She Didn’t Intend to Kill Ford:
The Sacramento Bee, September 5, 1985

“Squeaky” Ignores Parole Hearing:
The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 5, 1985

Two Who Stalked Ford: 10 Years After:
Newsweek, September 9, 1985

Manson Follower Good Paroled:
The Sacramento Bee, December 3, 1985

Manson Follower Moves in, and City Gets the Jitters:
The Detroit Free Press, December 12, 1985

Vt. Town Fears Move there by Manson Cultist:
The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 23, 1986

Judges, DAs Fear Revenge From Convicts:
Daily News of Los Angeles, November 23, 1986



Ford Recalling Assassination Try is Hot Video:
The Sacramento Bee, April 8, 1987

Presidential Assailant Fromme Apparently Escapes From Prison:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 24, 1987

Transcript:  Lynette Fromme Escapes from Prison:
ABC World News Tonight, December 24, 1987

Did She Act on Impulse or Purpose?:
The Sacramento Bee, December 25, 1987

Nationwide Alert is Issued:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 25, 1987

Policia Busca a Mujer Que Atento Contra Gerald Ford:
El Nuevo Herald (Miami), December 25, 1987

Vuelta a Capturar Atacante de Ford:
El Nuevo Herald (Miami), December 26, 1987

Fromme Captured Outside Prison:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 26, 1987

The Russian Information Agency ITAR-TASS, December 26, 1987

Prison Officials Try to Find Out Reason for Fromme’s Escape:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, December 27, 1987

Manson Rumor Is Checked In Fromme’s Prison Escape:
The New York Times, December 27, 1987

For Fromme, 20 Years Revering Manson:
The Record (New Jersey), December 27, 1987

Feds Thought Fromme Wouldn’t Escape:
The Philadelphia Daily News, December 28, 1987

Fromme to Face Grand Jury Probe:
The Boston Globe, December 29, 1987



Squeaky’s Christmas Hike:
Time, January 4, 1988

“Squeaky” Found Guilty of December Jail Break:
The Philadelphia Daily News, March 15, 1988

“Squeaky” Fromme Transferred to Lexington:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, June 5, 1988

“Squeaky” Fromme, 4 Others Moved With Closing of FCI High-Security Unit:
The Lexington Herald-Leader, August 25, 1988

Inside Information:
The Orlando Sentinel, August 25, 1988

Fromme Says We’re All Mass Murderers:
The Orlando Sentinel, February 27, 1989

Fromme Says She Didn’t Really Want to Kill Ford:
The St. Petersburg Times, February 28, 1989

Mansonite Goes Public to Aid Lake:
The Philadelphia Daily News, November 24, 1989

A Ghost of Manson Reappears In the East:
The New York Times, December 5, 1989

Hendrickson Alleges Geraldo Rivera Violated Injunction:
The Entertainment Litigation Reporter, July 22, 1991

Transcript:  Red and Blue interview, circa 1993.

Twenty-Five Years Later, She’s Still Loyal to Him:
The Fresno Bee, August 7, 1994

Transcript:   Unused material from Dianne Sawyer’s 1994 Turning Point interview with Lyn.

Manson’s Loyal Disciple:
The Tampa Tribune, December 5, 1997

Federal Judge Thomas J. MacBride Dies:
The Sacramento Bee, January 7, 2000


Writings by Lynette Fromme

Open letter from Lynette Fromme
     Concerning Manson’s incarceration.—n/d; Published 1989

Statement from Lynette Fromme
     Regarding Manson and the Family.—n/d; Published 1989

Four letters
     To a single party.—Postmarked 1970-1971.

     To a representative of the media.—2 August 1975

Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown
     Regarding atomic energy.—7 October 1975

In order of due process
     Virga fired.—Circa 4 November, 1975

Statement for the Record
     Fromme’s politics and the court.—November, 1975

NOV. 10
     Statement regarding motive.—10 November, 1975

Proposed introduction
     Unpublished book by Lynette Fromme.—1977

Three Excerpts
     From the unpublished book.—1977

     Books, et cetera.—10 January, 1983

     Includes Bugliosi story.—12 February, no year

     Manson and business.—14 April 1987

Letter, on birthdays
     Appeared in part in Schreck’s The Manson File—No date.

Letter to Judge MacBride
     On Jess Bravin’s book, Squeaky.—12 July, 1997

     Regarding the ATWA concept.—Circa 2000

     Judgment and the King.—n/d

Excerpts from Poetry
     Three pieces from Lyn’s high school literary magazine, plus “Jury”