Letter IV

Letter IV

It feels good knowing how much you love. It doesn’t matter how much fighting goes on all around you. All you need is the love I know you have just by your letters it’s apparent how much you see. Why don’t you send a picture of yourself and we’ll give it to Charlie. Charlie and the girls are starting trial Monday. It’s going to be a long summer with a lot of confusion, but if you’re strong you’ll be able to make it to the desert. If you can get a copy of Rolling Stone Magazine it has a lot of silly people’s intellectual opinions and how they see themselves through us but if you weed through it you can see that some of our quotes come through.
We loves ya and know we’ll all be together sooner than soon

The Girls
and Charlie

and Clem, Bobbie, Tex and everybody

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Roger McBride

Author: Roger McBride

I belong to an organization that brings historic sites to life.