Letter III

Letter III

How ready are you & how soon before you can leave home?
We are with you, as ever & we patiently await the springing of Charlie. He sends his love but can’t write since his mail doesn’t get out. I have your old letters.
How strong are you?
Do you have a pair of good shoes, a warm coat or cape you could sleep in, a knife & a small pack? Are you ready to survive?
What’s happening at your house with your parents—school etc.?
Where are you going & what are you now doing—whatever happens?
That’s good. The time of notime comes soon.
Write us if you want

Lyn Fromme
c/o [address deleted]
Hollywood, Calif.

We love you as much
as all your love

It is the world
the only one.

Love Squeak & girls
on the corner of Temple
& Broadway   Hall of Justice

Roger McBride

Author: Roger McBride

I belong to an organization that brings historic sites to life.