Letter I

Letter I

Charlie (Manson) gave us your letter. He loves you too.
The people don’t want to find him innocent. He is their “Hippie” to show the world what they want to do with hippies.
Charlie is young & old all at once…. & we know age means nothing … in fact nothing means anything but love. Love’s what makes you feel good … & to love all you’d feel perfect … but older people are afraid of feeling good … they think you aren’t supposed to feel good all the time & that people who have a good time rather than work at jobs are “bad.” Most older people don’t understand what love is.
But you need not get old. This we know. Your love keeps you young … & you have much love, in fact that’s what you are.
It’s up to us who love Charlie to get him out…
by thinking it & doing whatever it takes.
He is the one who will set all love free … for it is hiding—and pushed down by those who fight wars and hunt animals, and cut down trees.
It’s time for all love to stand and show itself…
As you do when you write & tell us of yourself. You recognize Charlie … you see his innocence. He is all love … every kind of creature imaginable … and more gentle & beautiful than any man I’ve ever seen ever.

& they want to crucify him…


They have no eyes … those people. But the thing to do is to keep loving … for LOVE takes care of everything. Charlie has known that for a long time … & he has shown each of us … just by watching him everyday. He is a King to us … for he’s made each of us Kings & Queens.
We live in a very magic world … everyone does … but not everyone knows it!
You are a strong girl … with a lot of faith in yourself. Know that … no matter what anyone says. Write to us. & You are in “the family” if you love.



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Roger McBride

Author: Roger McBride

I belong to an organization that brings historic sites to life.