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25 October, 2003: Moving the website off Angelfire and onto a “real” host. Note that the URL is now https://www.squeakyfromme.org. Please update any links or bookmarks that you might have given me, and bear with me as I get all the files transferred.

22 October, 2003: Today is Lynette Fromme’s fifty-fifth birthday. Replaced the old BOP Inmate Factsheet with an updated one. Note that her projected release date has not changed.

21 October, 2003: Three stories added to the Media Section: Squeaky’s Christmas Hike from Time; Policia Busca a Mujer Que Atento Contra Gerald Ford and Vuelta a Capturar Atacante de Ford from El Nuevo Herald of Miami.

14 October, 2003: Added Site Map to make things a little easier to navigate.

13 October, 2003: Brought back the Barker Ranch Page.

7 October, 2003: Doing some renovations. Brought back the Prisons Page. More additions to follow shortly.

29 September, 2003: Screwed around with the Links Page. Removed the Barker Ranch page (it was using too much bandwidth).

11 September, 2003: Added One Man’s Family to the Media Section.

5 September, 2003, marks the twenty-eigth anniversary of the Fromme/Ford incident in Sacramento.

27 February, 2003: Added FAQ Section.

20 December, 2002: Three new pieces written by Lyn during her trial added to the Writings Section.

3 December, 2002: Added letter, 1/10/83, plus environmental news box on this page. Also, 1975 letter to Gov. Brown regarding atomic energy.

30 October, 2002: Redid some of the Links Page.

24 October, 2002: Replaced the old BOP Inmate Factsheet with the updated one, reflecting Lyn’s birthday earlier this week. Note that her projected release date has not changed.

13 October, 2002: Added My Trip With Squeaky: Just One of Charlie’s Girls by Paul Krassner; from Rolling Stone, October 23, 1975.

22 September, 2002: Added 1725 P Street photo page.

7 September, 2002: Several pieces added to the Media Section, including a story about Blue’s initial reception in Vermont: Manson Follower Moves in, and City Gets the Jitters.

5 September, 2002, marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Fromme/Ford incident in Sacramento.  LA Times Front Page Story from 5 Sept., 1975 (evening edition), added.

Also added: ‘Squeaky’ Picked a Spot—and Then Just Waited, from the LA Times morning issue of 6 Sept., 1975.

6 August, 2002: Added Letters to the Editor  from Time Magazine, October 6, 1975, to the Media Section.

25 July, 2002: Added letters, 1970-1971.

22 July, 2002: Added unused material from Dianne Sawyer’s 1994 Turning Point interview with Lyn.

14 July, 2002: New stories added to the Media Section. The Newsweek cover story, as well as two brief Newsweek articles from Lyn’s trial: Squeaky and Jerry and Judgement on Squeaky. Also, an article on Lyn and Sara Jane Moore adjusting to prison life, and a Newsweek retrospective article.

8 July, 2002: Obviously, I’ve completely redone the website’s appearance and navigation. Feel free to email me with comments.

25 June, 2002: Killed some of the links on the Links Page.

23 June, 2002: Added a letter concerning Lyn’s favorite foods to the Handwritten Page.

19 June, 2002: Finally got around to making some additions that I’d intended. Added twenty new photos of Barker Ranch to the Barker Ranch Page. Added the Lexis (full text) version of The United States of America v. Lynette Alice Fromme to the US v. Fromme Page.

18 June, 2002: New stories added to the Media Section. An AP Wire Report from March 13, 1979, concerning the Busic incident; a New Jersey Record retrospective article on Lyn (featuring information on Clem’s parole); a short UPI article concerning Blue’s relocation to Vermont; and, finally, a Judge MacBride obituary. Added the “What’s New?” page which you are currently viewing.

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