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Writings by Lynette Fromme
Open letter regarding Manson’s incarceration
—Four letters, postmarked 1970-1971:
Letter I
Letter II
Letter III
Letter IV
Letter, Aug. 1975
Letter to Gov. Jerry Brown, Oct. 1975
—Written during Lynette Fromme’s trial:
“In order of due process”, circa 4 November, 1975
“Statement for the Record”
“NOV. 10”; general statement regarding motive
Proposed introduction to Lynette Fromme’s unpublished book (1977)
Excerpts from the same manuscript (1977)
Letter, January 1983
Letter, 2/12 (no year)
Letter, April 1987
Letter, on birthdays, no date
Letter to Judge MacBride regarding Jess Bravin’s
book, Squeaky: The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme
Statement regarding Manson and the Family
Parable by Lynette Fromme
Handwritten gallery

Embroidery by Lynette Fromme
Embroidery I: “The History of California”
Embroidery II: Manson’s vest, various small pieces, Armageddon Jacket
Mind Over Madness: Vest and commentary by Lynette Alice Fromme

Gallery I: Twenty-two photos, most of Red
Gallery II: Twenty-two more photos of Red
Media Photos: Fourteen photos scanned from newsprint
Barker Ranch: Twenty-one photos (one old, twenty new) of Barker Ranch
1725 P Street: New photo of the Sacramento house
Prisons: Photos of FPC Alderson and FMC Carswell

Media Watch—News Stories
—Seventy-eight archived news reports dealing with Lynette Fromme

Frequently Asked Questions
BOP Inmate Factsheet for Lynette Alice Fromme, no. 06075-180
Interview with Charles Manson, Lynette Fromme, and Sandra Good
Interview with Lynette Fromme regarding 5 September, 1975
Public Opinion Poll, October 1975
Attempt to subpoena the President of the United States,
from U.S. v. Fromme
PDF of the above ruling
Current address and mailing information for Lynette Fromme
Astrological chart for Lynette Fromme
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